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'I Never Got a Chance To Say Goodbye' - The Story

This song was inspired ' in part ' by my Father, who never met a stranger.

He grew up with automobiles, and loved planes. As a young child he built his first car with an old washing machine motor. The townsfolk came to my Grandfather and asked him to stop his son from driving it on the street. If he had an errand to run, he would jump in his little car, and be out there driving amongst the Model A and T's of the day.

He graduated NC State as an Industrial Engineer, and fulfilled a dream to fly by soloing during ROTC. Graduated from the Air Force Cadet program as a fighter pilot. Retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with the Air Force Reserve. Was a Captain with Eastern Airlines, left that career and returned home to help out his family. At the time of his death he was the Manager and Chief Pilot of a major US corporations aviation department.

The legacy of his life was that a man who was always on the go, and rarely had the time to stop and smell the roses. Some how found the time to sacrifice for, and change so many others lives for the better.

There are many, who will never know, or understand how their lives were changed forever. Children who grew up able to stay with and know their family, in turn having children of their own, and now grandchildren. Simply because when asked to help he said yes.

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